Bob Kolbern

Bob Kolbern

Birth Name
Robert Eustace Kolbern
October 16, 1959 (age 58)
Years Active
Edna Guerrins (1982-1994)
Rita Haems (1997-present)
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Robert Eustace "Bob" Kolbern (born October 16, 1959) is an American-born voice actor and former stand-up comedian best known for his Frank Patrick impersonation, which he used when lending his voice to James Laww in the first Fatjohn Adventures installment. He is the son of the late Joseph Kolbern.

Early LifeEdit

Kolbern was born in southern Mississippi to Rhonda and Joseph Kolbern. As a young boy, Kolbern watched his father, a stand-up comic, put on five shows a week. Kolbern put on "shows" and entertained friends after school. He made twenty-five dollars off of every "show". At age 14, he began playing the guitar. By the time he graduated from high school in the late 1970s, he made up his mind that he wanted to do stand-up comedy.



Kolbern began putting on comedy shows professionally in 1978. He put on sixty shows a year from 1978 to 1985. After 1985, he decided to reduce the number of shows he performed a year to twenty. He did twenty shows a year from 1986 to 1991. He was an opening act for Billy Bob H. Thomas from 1992 to 1999 and Stuart Alkarron from 1999 to 2003.

Voice ActingEdit

Fatjohn AdventuresEdit

Kolbern landed the role of James Laww in the Fatjohn Adventures installment Fatjohn, Frederick, & James. He also lent his voice to minor character Bryan Oxnard, a store employee. In 2005, he was nominated for "Best Voice Actor" for his role as James. His performance as James did not require any practice, as he had done good Frank Patrick impersonations in his days of stand-up comedy. He also voiced Jimmy Dawz in later installments.

Other WorkEdit

Kolbern also lent his voice to Max Broudberg in John, Max, & Henry.

Personal LifeEdit

Kolbern is married to Rita Haems, his wife since 1997. They have two children, Jamie (born June 4, 1990) and Charles (born March 29, 1993), both of whom were from Kolbern's first wife Edna Guerrins. Kolbern has a house in Los Angeles, California, his hometown of Brimmsboro, Mississippi, and in Graoun, Vathau Islands. His hobbies include playing the guitar, telling jokes to his friends, and playing golf.

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