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Bodiless Knight
Quadrant 20,002
Known Population
1.90m (on average)
Greyscalian (usually on home planet) , English
Omniscience Level
Above Average
Mastered Arts in Combat
Thangman, Bodiless Knight

The Bodiless Knight is a Transcendental being from the Planet Thangmau and is not threatening, but instead being averagely magnanimous.

Known Bodiless KnightsEdit

Though not many are known, there are statistics about some famous ones. Like Greyscale for instance, is the first bodiless knight to be created. Others emerged from a desolate area in Thangmau, like Kentaro and Vladmir, with not much trivia known about them. Concerningly, there are some hostile ones, like The Haker.


Greyscale is an elaborate, attentive Thangman (Thangmau Demonym) that has a focus on defending his planet from The Haker. So far, he has became a successful guardian of his planet. However, despite his skill in combat, there have been close calls on destruction. Like all bodiless knights, his appearance is a floating helmet, eyes tinted bronze, with floating circles connected together with an electric chain and irregularly shaped feet.


Kentaro is a chaoruptive, demonic General of The Haker's armoury and a well known threat to the planet. His current appearence is basically a purple version of Greyscale, but with a more regular semispherical shaped head, more realistic circles, lacking detail of the chain and less sharper shoes.

The Haker

The Haker is currently the number one threat to Thangmau as his intellect is deadly and his strength is neary incaculatable. So far, he has nearly conquered the planet several times. Shockingly throughout the world, he is known for fear, tactics and brute force. Though usually fooled and insulted by his "Girly Colour," he can make swift death with the victim.


The Haker

Sillhouette of Shoguns

The Sillhouette of Shoguns is an Obecny of Thangmau and currently his alignment is on a good scale. As his name suggests, his appearence is only a shadow, with a white outline.


Sillhoette of Shoguns

Quandoi RanksEdit

Poradi no

Rank vyhaslys required



1 Conhonhet 15 N/A
2 Podporucik 46 31
3 Porucik 108 62
4 Kapitan 201 93
5 Hlavni 301 100
6 Podplukovník 500 199
7 Plukovník 750 125
8 Brigadník 1500 750
9 Generalmajor 6000 4500
10 Generálporučík 10000 4000
11 Obecny 50000+ 40000


Main Article: Dominator

Dominator is a car company well known for Deathsounds, as well as new ways to travel.


Unlike most places, Thangmau has lots of cities. Here are some of them:

Thangmau City

Thangmau City is debatably the most well known city in Thangmau, due to it being the capital. It is home to Dominator, as well as many other well known zones.