Bombing of North Port
November 15, 1897
Jill - 40 anti-air guns, 70 battleships/cruisers, 105 planes

Northern Territory - 60 bombers
Jill manages to keep the Northern Territory out of the country.
Jill — 3 cruisers, 17 battleships, 46 planes; 240 civilians killed
Northern Territory — 31 bombers

The Bombing of North Port, Jill was an aerial attack by the Northern Territory in Floyd War I.

The attackEdit

The planes are spottedEdit

At 9:13 AM on November 15, 1897, 60 enemy planes were spotted by the North Port Air Control Tower. However, about two minutes later, the planes disappeared from radar, prompting air officials to consider it a stealth bomber training squad.

Bombing the shipsEdit

At 11:00, the planes flew over the Monterry Front, bombing 27 planes and sinking 20. This was reported to the North Port Military Base a few minutes later, and the city was put under a code red air attack. The ships were bombed for 27 minutes before the planes advanced to the city, only 40 miles away.

Bombing the cityEdit

By 12:31, the city was under lockdown. All anti-air guns in the area were put on open fire, and all citizens were ordered to run to the nearest bunker. The planes arrived at 12:35, and started dropping bombs on the two major ports on the north coast. After destroying most of the port complex, the bombers moved across the city, bombing over 170 buildings, before bombing the airfield. All of Jill's anti-air guns in the city were now opening fire on the planes, and soon many were being shot down. After the 25th plane was destroyed, the four secret aircraft carriers over 80 miles away called a retreat.

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