Bombing of Port Justin
September 15, 1900
Jill - 2,000 soldiers (based in the entire city), 15 security guards (at the base)

Northern Territory - 1 spy
The Northern Territory destroys the base in Port Justin, but fails to do maximum damage.
Jill — none
Northern Territory — none

The Bombing of Port Justin, Jill was a terrorist attack brought out by the Northern Territory during Floyd War I.

The bombingEdit

In the week that followed September 15, a spy was sent out from the Northern Territory to bomb the Port Justin Military Base in Port Justin, Jill. The base was to be a huge defensive structure, training over 2,000 soldiers per year. On the evening of September 14, 1900, the spy planted 15 large bombs under a bench in the citizen's plaza. The bomb was set for exactly 9:00 AM the next morning.

The next morning, 13 of the bombs exploded. The blast severely weakened the base, which was sitting on a boardwalk raised over a dry part of the JAR River, and sent huge chunks of wood and metal flying into nearby townhouses. A fire broke out, and the police, firefighters and over 50 soldiers were on the scene in 15 minutes. The fire was deemed uncontrollable, as the wood hadn't been fireproofed yet, and firefighters decided to let it burn out. Unexpectedly, at 10:49 AM, the entire base collapsed into the grass below.

The Army of Jill probed the city, but was unable to find any suspects. The attack caused over JD$300,500,000 (US$700,000,000) in damages.

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