Borders is an airplane manufacturer in Eneritia on the planet Floyd. Borders is well known for designing small, fast planes, usually for domestic travel.

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With a 10-series fusion engine, the Jet1 is the cheapest and least powerful of the Borders' Jet series. The Jet1 was Borders' first airplane, which started production in 1981. It became popular among small airliners for its low price and sleek design. The Jet1 has a top speed of 4,000 mph (Mach 5.25) and a cruising altitude of about 10,000 feet. While it is still in production today, it has been outsold by Jet1's successor, Jet2.


Jet2 is Borders' flagship airplane, with a 12-series fusion engine. Since production started in 1995, over 100,000 have been sold.

Jet2 is known for its luxurious interior, all models come with heated leather seats, a WiFi system, electronic charging stations and wood trimmings. The Jet2 is extremely roomy on the inside, with a with of about 21 feet in the cabin. The 12-series engine can run at a top speed of 6,000 mph (Mach 7.9) for 50,000 miles without stopping. The average cruising altitude is 11,000 feet.

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