The Boxing Federation of the World (BFW) is a Federation of both Professional and Amateur Boxing, created because of the decline of Professional Boxing, and the lack of Popularity of Amateur Boxing.

Associations and Rules Edit

The BFW has 2 major associations, Professional, and Amateur. The BFW also has Independant Associations, often mixing Professionals and Amatures, and the Junior Association, which is for those 17 and under. One main rule for Independants, is that Professionals should not fight Amateurs.

Professional Edit

Professional Fights are under the Professional Boxing Association, which has 7 weight classes:

  1. Flyweight -120
  2. Featherweight 120-130
  3. Lightweight 130-145
  4. Welterweight 145-150
  5. Middleweight 150-160
  6. Light Heavyweight160-180
  7. Heavyweight 180-

The amount of rounds varies, depending on the experience and skill of the Boxers. The amount of rounds are:

  • 4 Rounds for Rookies
  • 6 Rounds for new fighters
  • 8 Rounds for experienced Fighters
  • 10 Rounds for Top Fighters
  • 12 Rounds for Contenders
  • 15 Rounds for Title Fights

Amateur Edit

Amateur Fights are under the Amateur Boxing Association, and Junior Boxing Association. The Amateur Boxing Association has the same weight classes as the Professional Boxing Association. The Junior Boxing Association has classes by age, height, weight, and level of bone growth. All of the Fights in both associations are 3 rounds long.

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