Brennazo County water tower

The county water tower.

Brennazo County (pronunciation: bre-NAY-zoh) is a county in the Dragooasag state of Salviana. Its name is derived from the Parkufo word bu-reii-nassoou, meaning "near the river", referring to its location near the Long River. Its county number is 14, and its county seat is Carlisle.


Not much is known about this county's history. It is only known that the county was founded in 1848, that Jefferson served as the county seat until 1874, and that Carlisle has been the county seat since 1874.


Brennazo County is located in Central Salviana.

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During the last census, Brennazo County had a population of 16,231.

Racial makeup, 2008[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 83.1
African 1.9 Brennazo County has less people of African ancestry than any other Salviana county.
Hispanic 3.9
Parkufo 2.6
Asian 5.4
Other 3.1

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