Brian Christopher Bragges (born March 28, 1991) is a Dragoonish actor and voice actor. While he did not score his first major role until 2005, he began acting at age 5, in 1996. Bragges is perhaps best known for playing Howard Hatcher in the film Cayenne High and its sequels.

Early life and family[]

Bragges was born on March 28, 1991, in Fallognel, Salviana, the second son of Christopher and Helen Bragges. He has an older brother, actor Lucas Bragges, and a younger sister, actress Jane Bragges; his sister made a cameo appearance in Cayenne High II.


Bragges began his career in 1996 as a child actor, appearing in advertisements. It would be nearly another ten years before Bragges landed his first major role, as 14-year-old Tyler Ruskatt in the film Trouble at Home. Two years later, he starred as Howard Hatcher in the 2007 film Cayenne High. He reprised his role in the 2008 and 2010 sequels. In 2011, Bragges appeared as soldier Craig Brickman in the film Operation: Invade the Vathaus, and, in 2014, he reprised the role in Return to the Vathaus.


  • Trouble at Home (2005) - Tyler Ruskatt
  • Heat (2006) - Trevor McGonwald
  • Cayenne High (2007) - Howard Hatcher
  • Cayenne High II (2008) - Howard Hatcher
  • Dancing with Jordson & Erin (2009) - Jordson Helms
  • Cayenne High III (2010) - Howard Hatcher
  • Crazy Frouth's Roadside Gift Shop (2011) - Steven Orssen
  • Operation: Invade the Vathaus (2011) - Craig Brickman
  • Dreamland (2012) - Paul Patrick
  • Return to the Vathaus (2014) - Craig Brickman / Dick Brickman