Brittany is an colony of the Holy Germanian Empire. Germania settled the port of Bejing in 1875, and began a long and strenous period of expansion. In 1881, the Empire annexed the provinces of Helligojang and Ganjo Bay. By 1885, the Empire gained Talickuo and Manchuria. From 1885-1890, Germania defeated Annextangia, a colony of Hobit, annexing it, therefore bringing it's colony into central Brittania. In 1890, Bismarck annexed Tackenjia, another Hobitan colony. In 1895, the Empire conquered Tibet and Neapelaesia, bringing the border down to British Raji. The Empire extended to southeastern Youngovakia by 1900. In the Treaty of Versailles, the Empire annexed the Birkanian colony of Yungiskevia (Mongolia) and Nki (southeastern Brittania), bringing the Colony of Bejing to it's full extent. Germania renamed the Colony of Bejing Brittany after the region and consildated it's rule.

Brittany's major industries include farming, shipbuilding, merchant shipping, and electronics production.

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