Bully: The Diary of an Insecure Girl is an American drama television series, revolving around an insecure girl and her high school experience. The series is based on the biography The Diary of an Insecure Girl, written by Stacey Cartwright.


Darren Woodwell expressed his desire to produce an on-screen version of Cartwright's biography after reading it, feeling that it has "certain potential". The show focuses on the 16-year old Sarah Kennedy, and her life as she jumps from homeschooling to a public school in Kentucky, called Ken High. She makes "friends" who often make fun of her blunt personality, and several "enemies", known as the bullies of the series.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Charlie Morgan as Sarah Kennedy, a girl who attends a public school for the first time, Ken High.
  • Piper Freeman as Misha Morio, part of Sarah's group of friends, known as the "outcasts".
  • Daphne Raladalo as Tia Salazar, also part of the "outcasts". Largely known for bribing teachers with her sexual tendencies.
  • Emma Roberts as Joana Fitzgerald, bad girl and the head of Sarah's bully legence.
  • Joseph Tainne as Carlos Vans, a spanish-born teacher at Ken High.
  • Jack Horn as Michael "Mike" Fisher, a boy who attends Ken High and Sarah's part-time love interest.
  • Connie Britton as Tina Kennedy, Sarah's nosey and over-protective mother.
  • Ian Turnock as Sam, Sarah's councillor who always introduces himself by his first name only.

Recurring castEdit

  • Rachel Lees as Brianna Hocke, part of the bully legence, whose role is expanded in the second season.
  • Polly Opina as Seline, part of the bully legence, and a follower to Joana.
  • Enrique Baker as Chester Kennedy, Sarah's father.
  • Spencer Hill as Dan "Danny Boy" Johns, Michael's nerdy friend who is often seen with him.
  • LaToya Schultz as Weck Twain, part of the "Ken High Ghetto" group at school.
  • Johnny Reynolds as Curtis Brown, Weck's young best friend.

Season overviewEdit

The series premiered with it's first season on August 17, 2012 to coincide with the Back to School phase in the United States. After becoming a success, the show's creator and producer Darren Woodwell raised the signal for a second season to premiere the following year.

Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere date Finale date
1 10 August 17, 2012 October 19, 2012
2 12 August 9, 2013 October 25, 2013
3 13 September 2014

Season 1: 2012Edit

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Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Prison Hell" Shaka Turnwich Darren Woodwell August 17, 2012
Sarah Kennedy is an insecure teenager who undergoes her first experience in a public school with a boost from her mother, Tina. Whilst there, she attends councilling sessions with Sam, who attempts to use a variety of management strategies in getting Sarah through her first year at college. She is introduced to her "assigned click" known as the outcasts, where she befriends Misha Morio and Tia Salazar. However, she becomes a victim of bullying when she meets Joana Fitzgerald and her "legence", Brianne and Seline.
2 2 "Friends and Enemies" Hugo Brooks Thomas Wright August 24, 2012
Weck and Curtis, part of the "Ken High Ghetto" clique, express their feelings on the talent show by entering as a rapping and breakdancing double-act. Meanwhile, Sarah is intimidated in front of her entire class by Joana, with her teacher Mr. Vans helping her. In counclling, Sarah recalls the last time she was humiliated, and a flashback occurs to when she was twelve.
3 3 "Virgin Fever" Hugo Brooks Eula Quinn August 31, 2012
After Sarah's bullies find out that she is a virgin, her high school experience drops to an all time low when word gets around. With help from Tia, Sarah attempts to bed her history teacher, Mr. Vans, but is unsuccessful when she gets a panic attack during intercourse. In a discussion with her councillor, Sarah explains her reasons for what she did, and although Sam tells her to do the deed when she's ready, she makes a move on Joana's ex-boyfriend Michael during a camping trip.
4 4 "I Who Have Sinned" Ricardo Sherman Cameron Pierce September 7, 2012
Sarah wakes up hungover to find out that instead of losing her virginity to Michael, she lost it to Michael's best friend, Dan. Dan becomes attached to her, and a repulsed Sarah is left crying in her room, vowing to never go to school again. The next week is her first day back since the camping trip, and Sarah finds out that Misha told Joana that Sarah had slept with Michael. An angered Joana demands Sarah to tell her the truth, leaving Sarah to admit to everyone who she actually slept with that night.
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