For the state, see Cutra.

CUTRA's line-up in 2009

Caltona, Cutra
Years active
Alkarron Records
Charles Gerch
Ulysses Mattaou
Thomas Baterna
Raphael Kalgarron
Arthur Jordson
Associated acts
The Prescadernans
Caltona Pride

CUTRA is a Dragoonish band that formed in Caltona, Cutra in April 2000. Their name serves a dual purpose; it is taken from the state of Cutra, and it is an acronym for the first names of the band's members, Charles Gerch, Ulysses Mattaou, Thomas Baterna, Raphael Kalgarron, and Arthur Jordson — the latter being why it is spelled in all caps.


CUTRA formed in April 2000, when Cutra natives Charles Gerch (lead vocals) and Thomas Baterna (drums) met Persiana native Ulysses Mattaou (guitar), Salviana native Raphael Kalgarron and Lohana native Arthur Jordson. The young men met in a club in Caltona, and Gerch hatched the idea of them becoming a band. The band took their name from the state of Cutra, and originally spelled their name like the state. In June 2000, Gerch suggested that the band's name be spelled in all caps, to double as an acronym for the members' first names, after something "occurred" to him.

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