Caerulia is a non-aligned planet on the outer fringe of Explored Space. It is the home planet of the Caerulian people. With a population of just 127 million, Caerulia is one of the least-populous inhabited planets in Explored Space.

A surprise Jektim invasion in 864 NC resulted in Caerulia being forcibly annexed into the Jektim Imperium. A planet-wide resistance movement led to the end of the occupation in 1112 NC, however the planet was left in tatters following the Jektim withdrawal. Since regaining its independence, Caerulia's transitory government has pursued an independent foreign policy, though their independence has been guaranteed by Explored Space's larger military partners, namely the Yaforan Interstellar Community and the Systems Union.



Caerulia is a planetary state, meaning the entire planet shares a single unified, sovereign government. After the Jektim withdrawal in 1112 NC, a transitory government was formed from senior members of the planet's major resistance groups. With assistance from the Yaforan Interstellar Community, the government operated for a 15-year mandate, before transferring control of the planet peacefully to the civilian government in 1127 NC.

Head of StateEdit

The Head of State of Caerulia is the President, elected by a planetwide vote for a term of nine years. Ben Thydan was elected the first President of Caerulia in 1127 NC. His successor was Fala Bremon, who was elected in 1136 NC.

No. Name Term
1 Ben Thydan 1127 NC - 1136 NC
2 Fala Bremon 1136 NC - 1145 NC

Head of GovernmentEdit

The head of Caerulia's planetary government is the First Minister.

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