Canipra is an island in the Misty Ocean. It is occupied by the countries of West and East Canipra. Major rivers on Canipra are the Cimadra River in East Canipra and the Lydra and Vinnon Rivers in West Canipra. West and East Canipra are sometimes referred to as the Canipras.

History[edit | edit source]

The island of Canipra was inhabited by the Mauchoas people before English-speaking settlers arrived in the 1750s. In 1758, a group of people led by explorer Stephen Hyll Bridges arrived at the island and encountered the Mauchoas people. Bridges got off the boat, stepped foot on the island, and claimed it as his and his crew's new home. In December of 1762, another group of English-speaking settlers, led by Joag Simpton, arrived at the present-day location of the city that bears his name. On January 3, 1763, Simpton named the island Canipra, a name that is disputed in origin (some people believe the island was named after Simpton's wife, and others believe it got its name from the Mauchoas word for wonderful island, believing Simpton believed the island was a great place to live.) By the late 1700s, the island was split up into two nations, which would later basically be named for their locations on the island -- West Canipra for occupying the island's western half, and East Canipra for occupying the island's eastern half.

In the 1800s, Canipra's nations enjoyed a great economy, and the cities of Greentown (East Canipra), Sunstown, and Bridgesville (West Canipra) became busy seaports.

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