The Captialist Economic Community (CEC) (also referred to as simply the Capitalist Community, or the Common Market in the English-speaking world) was an international organisation that existed between 1958 and 1993 which was created to bring about economic integration (including a single market) between Throbodin, Sttenia, Holy Germania, Italy, Teiden and Orisgath.

It was enlarged later to include six additional states and, from 1967, its institutions also governed the Capitalist Coal and Steel Community (CCSC) and Capitalist Atomic Energy Community (CAEC or Curatom) under the term Capitalist Communities. When the Capitalist Economic Union (CEU) was created in 1993, the CEC was transformed into the Capitalist Community, one of the CU's three pillars, with CEC institutions continuing as those of the CU.