Capt. VX from VX Super Force

Capt. VX, leader of the VX Super Force

Info Edit

Real Name: Danny Vant

Status: Hero

Occupation: Leader of the VX Super Force; adventurer; super hero

Powers/Abilities: Generation of alienated blue fire; can use it to turn any other fire into blue fire and manipulate it (this doesn’t work on fire that is generated and used by magic); blue fire blasts; blue fire animal, creature, humanoid, and image summoning; can use the fire to increase his speed and strength; enhanced invulnerability; increasable super strength; excellent athlete and fierce combatant; blue fire can burn through any known metal; enhanced reflexes; super leaps; super speed and blue fiery super speed; can go through solid objects and walls by using his super powerful speed; blue fiery barriers; can sense heat temperatures in a 2 mile radius; can turn into a blue fiery skin human; super agility; can release his opposite side known as VX Rage by using a lot of anger, bad memories, too much aggression, and sadness with the blue fire’s energies.

Captain VX Blue Fire Background

Capt. VX and Blue Fire

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