Downtown Carcuk from Morrisson Avenue

Bob Venguillo
4 January 1867

Carcuk is the second-largest city in the nation of East Canipra. It and Greentown form the Greentown-Carcuk metropolitan area. Carcuk is known as the home of the Carcie Tower, the tallest man-made structure in East Canipra and the second tallest on the island; only the Sunstown Tower in Sunstown, West Canipra, is taller.


Carcuk began in 1800 as a small village on the southern coast of the island now known as Canipra. It was started by settler Richard Batteneaux. By 1803, the village was given the name Carcuk, said to have been derived from the name of a Mauchoas tribe. As a coastal village, Carcuk served as a seaport and was home to Carcuk Harbour from 1803 to 1897, when Greentown replaced it as the busiest seaport in East Canipra.

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