Carlana State Route 164 (abbreviated CAR-164) is a state route maintained by the Carlana Transportation Department. Its west end is at State Route 64 in Charterson County, and its east end is at State Route 739 in Cobard County. State Route 164 has a concurrency with State Route 55 in parts of Hillcrest and Perry Counties.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Charterson County
  • Weeden County
  • Hetterbauhn County
  • Hillcrest County
  • Perry County
  • Lawson County
  • Cobard County

Communities traversedEdit

  • Broome (town)
  • Terrytown (city)

Intersections with other routesEdit

  • State Route 64 in Charterson County
  • Dragoonasag National Route 205 in Broome
  • State Route 911 in Hetterbauhn County
  • State Route 55 from Hillcrest County to Perry County
  • State Route 820 in Hillcrest County
  • State Route 900 in Perry County
  • State Route 739 in Cobard County


State Route 164 begins at State Route 64 in Charterson County. The route runs mostly due-east along a two-lane road through Charterson and Weeden Counties. Before entering Hetterbauhn County, Route 164 enters the town of Broome. After leaving Broome, Route 164 continues east into Hetterbauhn County and Hillcrest County. In Hillcrest County, the route merges with State Route 55. Both Routes 64 and 55 continue into Perry County. State Route 64 leaves State Route 55 near Terrytown. The route continues east into Lawson and Cobard Counties, and to its east end at Route 739.


State Route 164's construction began in 1951. Its original route took it to State Route 28, where State Route 820 now intersects SR-28. In 1999, State Route 164 was re-routed south along SR-55 to near Terrytown, where a new road was constructed. The new road became part of State Route 164. Old State Route 164 became Hillcrest County Road 62 and State Route 820.

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