Carlana State Route 200 (abbreviated CAR-200) is an east-west state route maintained by the Carlana Transportation Department. Its west end is at State Route 411 in Payson County, and its east end is at State Route 477 in Lakeadelphia.

State Route 200 was designated the "Ken H. Braderes Memorial Highway" in 2011, in honor of Kenneth Howard Braderes, a retired high school football coach from Lakeadelphia who was killed in an automobile accident in December 2010.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Payson County
  • Charlotte County
  • Gleidelheim County
  • Monzer County


  • Hatfield
  • Lakeadelphia

Major junctionsEdit

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 200 is routed along a mostly two-lane road, remaining on the same road its entire distance. The road increases in width to five lanes (including a turning lane) as it enters Lakeadelphia.

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