Carlana State Route 31 (CAR-31) is a north-south state highway located in the western part of the state. The road's south end is in McLeoud County at State Route 234, and its north end is at the Zinrico state line.

Counties traversedEdit

  • McLeoud County
  • Herringsburg County
  • Greene County
  • White County
  • Zachary County
  • Payerd County


  • Hetley (unincorporated)
  • Herringsburg (city)
  • Greenville (city)
  • Greibb (town)
  • Monneville (town)

Major junctionsEdit

  • State Route 234 in Hetley
  • State Route 4 in Herringsburg
  • State Route 76 near Greenville
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 48 near Greibb (cloverleaf interchange)
  • State Route 28 in Greibb
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in White County (diamond interchange)
  • State Route 97 in Monneville

Route descriptionEdit

Route 31 begins in unincorporated Hetley at a junction with State Route 234. From there, it follows a two-lane road north-to-northwest toward Herringsburg, where it widens to five lanes (including a center lane). After leaving the city limits of Herringsburg, Route 31 is again two lanes and travels due north toward its four-way intersection with Route 76. Between this junction and Greenville, the road takes a northwest path. In Greenville, the road turns due north again, continuing in this direction until just north of Greibb, where it again turns northwest and continues in this direction through White, Zachary, and Payerd counties.

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