Carlana State Route 402 (CAR-402) is an east-west state highway in the southeast part of the state. Its west end is in the city of Pratt in Redding County, and its east end is at Route 750 in Terrey County.

Counties traversed[]

  • Redding County
  • Jackson County
  • Terrey County



From west to east:

  • Pratt
  • Jordton

Unincorporated area[]

  • Peltsley Hollow

Major junctions[]

Route description[]

State Route 402 begins at a junction with State Route 70 in the city of Pratt. It follows a southeasterly trajectory through rural Redding and Jackson Counties along a two-lane road. Upon reaching a four-way intersection with Route 169, the route turns due east toward the city of Jordton. Not far east of Jordton is a diamond interchange with Dragoonasag Interstate Route 98 (DI-98). After this interchange, Route 402 continues due east through rural Terrey County until its east end at Route 750 near the Persiana state line.

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