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Carlana State Route 411 (abbreviated CAR-411) is a north-south state route maintained by Carlana's transportation department. It runs from the Persiana state line to Dragoonasag Interstate Route 11 in West Pitts County. The route has been designated the "John Hyll Nichols Highway", after businessman John Hyll Nichols of Carlana West.

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Carlana State Route 411 begins at the Persiana state line, and then turns northwest through eastern Payson County. The route turns due north in Lacturn. After leaving Lacturn, Route 411 continues north toward the city of George. In George, Route 411 is known as "Main Street".

After leaving George, State Route 411 continues as a scenic route through rural areas of eastern Carlana, turning northwest before intersecting Route 828, and turning northeast in central Lambert County, continuing toward the city of White, where it crosses Route 28. After White, the route once again becomes scenic, staying a scenic route for the rest of its journey to DI-11.


  • This route crosses over the Hacciacchee River in East Wright County. The bridge over the Hacciacchee River has been considered one of the state of Carlana's "wonderful landmarks", and is the twelfth most-photographed bridge in Carlana[1]; the bridge was named the "Patrick Frazzell Memorial Bridge" in 2007, in honor of the late Carlana businessman who died in 2006. The bridge is only two miles southeast of where Frazzell was born, and Frazzell donated money for the construction of the bridge in 1975.
  • On June 12, 2008, Carlana governor Richard Fairvue proposed extending Route 411 to Glarington, but the Carlana legislature argued over the proposal, and it died in October of that year, after state legislature member Frouth Jones said, "That's why DI-11's there. To get people to Glarington from Route 411."

References in the mediaEdit

  • Dragoonish singer Chet Ganbroke mentioned this route in his 2003 song "Ridin' in East Carlana".
  • In the film West Pitts Gang, Chief James Thoab (Patrick Mangden) says he was born in a cab traveling on Highway 411 in White.
  • The Carlana-based band Frazzell County originally considered using the name "Route 411" as their band name.

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