Carlana State Route 71 (abbreviated CAR-71) is a north-south state route in Carlana. It runs from the Persiana state line northwest to Dragoonasag Interstate 11 near Hallsburg. The route was constructed in the 1950s, and originally went to the city of White.

In 1986, Route 71 was truncated, and now ends at DI-11; the part between the freeway and White became Harrison and Lambert County Route 51. The highway lies in the part of the state informally considered part of the Dragoonasag East; legally, as defined by national law, it is in the Dragoonasag West.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Sharttle County
  • Bingham County
  • Gleidelheim County
  • Charlotte County
  • Harrison County

Major communitiesEdit

  • Davistown
  • Bingham
  • Hallsburg

Major junctionsEdit

  • CAR-72 in Davistown
  • CAR-77 in Bingham
  • CAR-7754 in Bingham County
  • CAR-200 in Gleidelheim County
  • CAR-145 in Gleidelheim County
  • DI-11 near Hallsburg

Future junction(s)Edit

  • DI-98 on the Charlotte/Gleidelheim County line

Route descriptionEdit

Route 71 enters the state from Brengels Hill, Persiana. The route travels along a two-lane road north toward the city of Davistown, where, upon intersecting Route 72, it turns northwest. After leaving Davistown, the highway travels northwest through scenic areas of Sharttle and Bingham counties. In the city of Bingham, Route 71 intersects Route 77. Shortly after leaving Bingham, the highway intersects Route 7754. The route continues northwest to Hallsburg and its north end at DI-11 at its exit 19.

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