Castaway 2011 is a reality tv show where 12-16 people come to an island and they have to live there for a set number of days. On some days the contestants/public have to vote someone out/vote to keep someone in and the person with the most/least amount of votes is voted out and leaves the island. When 4 people remain the public are asked to vote the winner and after the votes are counted someone is evicted in fourth place and then third place is revealed shortly after the runner up and the winner are revealed and the winner wins $500 000.


Name Entered Exited Finish
Dominic Day 1 Day 26


Belinda Day 1 Day 26 Runner Up
Johnny Day 1 Day 26 3rd Place
Elvira Day 1 Day 26 4th Place
Xavier Day 1 Day 24 Evicted
Kat Day 1 Day 22 Evicted
Connor Day 1 Day 20 Evicted
Sisely Day 1 Day 18 Evicted
Danilo Day 1 Day 16 Evicted
Bernie Day 1 Day 14 Evicted
Sylvan Day 1 Day 12 Evicted
Lucinda Day 1 Day 10 Evicted
Gary Day 1 Day 8 Evicted
Monica Day 1 Day 6 Evicted
Dan Day 1 Day 4 Evicted
Milan Day 1 Day 2 Evicted