Plot OverviewEdit

Set in a postmodern world, the series revolves around Chase Osborn, a cutthroat mercenary who cobbles together his own team of mercenaries-for-hire, Chaos Enterprise, intending to profit from war and other outlets. The series follows his team as they partake in various missions for various clients, ranging from mundane facility raids and political assassination to esoteric cases such as delivering mystic artifacts and hunting exotic cryptid beasts.

Main charactersEdit

  • Chase Osborn- An experienced mercenary and the founder and leader of Chaos Enterprise. Chase treats his agent-for-hire livelihood as a business. An uncaring and amoral person, he doesn't care who he works for, as long as he gets paid.
  • Maverick "Rick" Van Lear- The second member of Chaos Enterprise is a hotheaded fighter with a Ph.D in the art of deception. Rick is knowledgeable on the criminal underworld and tends to deal with them (violently) on a regular basis.
  • Holly Cross- Skilled in combat tactics and technology, Holly has the most morals out of the four, which serves as a driving force in her decision-making.
  • Trisha Gonzaga- Trisha is a master of weapons. A former weaponsmith and arms dealer, Trisha comes along for the ride as it offers her the adventure she's been craving outside the shop while allowing her to make a quick buck selling her own weapons to a wide range of buyers.
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