Checks Hill Town Hall

Checks Hill's Town Hall

Checks Hill is a town in Cumberland County, Salviana. As of 2008, the town's population was 8,209. Checks Hill was known as the "Pistachio Capital of Salviana" because from the 1940s to 1992, it held an annual "pistachio festival". The town was replaced by Vitner in 1993 as the Pistachio Capital[1]. Checks Hill is home to the Checks Hill Pirates, Checks Hill High School's sports teams.


Checks Hill was founded in 1887 by Walter H. Checks and his family on a small hill, hence the town's name. Checks's family and friends built five houses, a Police Station, and a Post Office. The Checks family and friends befriended the local Parkufos, and the Parkufos lived in peace with the Checks family and their friends.

In 1903, a tribe of Parkufos called the Muskonos tribe invaded the town and burned two houses. Checks and his friends (including the Parkufos who befriended him) decided to chase the invaders out of town, and they ended up engaging in a "two-day war" with the Muskonos, which resulted in 199 Moskonos dead, fifty dead on Checks's side, and a victory for Checks's side.

In 1912, Checks died at his home at the age of 58. His son David urged friends to build a statue of Checks. The statue was completed in 1927 and located to the front of the Town Hall. The Walter H. Checks statue became the first statue to be built in Western Salviana.

In 1945, then-mayor Roger Hoagums created "Walter H. Checks Day", which is celebrated on May 7 each year and commemorates Checks's birthday.

When Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 was built near the town in the 1970s, a truck stop was built in the town in hopes of bringing in more business.


Checks Hill has a population of about 8,209. The racial make-up of the town's population is as follows:

Racial Make-up of Checks Hill's Population
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 85.5
African 6.0
Hispanic 5.7
Other 2.8


Checks Hill is a prosperous town and home to two banks, the Checks Hill Bank and a branch of the Dragoonasag National Bank.


Checks Hill is served by Salviana State Route 499.


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