Chilhassee River in Watoga County

The Chilhassee River in Watoga County, Lohana.

The Chilhassee River is a river located in the Dragoonasag states of Arubio and Lohana. It is a tributary of the Andrews River, and flows toward the city of Mylander.

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The Chilhassee River begins at the Andrews River in Arubio. The river then flows southeast into Lohana. After entering Lohana, the Chilhassee continues southeast, and then gradually turns more to the east. After the city of Chilhassee, the river flows east toward its end near Mylander.

References in mediaEdit

  • The Chilhassee was the river in the 1996 film Arubio Country at which Draq Beasley and his friends fished.
  • The band Lohana mentions this river in their song, "Chilhassee".