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Chris Kalgarron

Chris Kalgarron

Birth name
Christopher Matthew Kalgarron
March 26, 1961 (age 57)
Years active
Hilda Marsgoard (1982-1997)(her death)
Brenda Gelch (1999-present)

Christopher Matthew Kalgarron (born March 26, 1961) is a Dragoonish actor whose career goes back to 1978. Kalgarron is best known for his role in the 1980s film trilogy Ghosts in Jord City, in which he played ghost hunter-in-training Derek Mangden. Kalgarron was nominated for five Brantz Awards, and won a Brantz Award for "best actor" in 2001 for his role as a corrupt police officer in the film Corrupted Almino.

In 2013, he began playing a lawyer named Tyler Fetzer in the television series It's Our Time to Rise.

Early life and familyEdit

Kalgarron was born on March 26, 1961 in Mangden, Zinrico to New Herswegian[1] actress Mary Beth Kalgarron (nee Mayes) and Dragoonish director William Kalgarron. He holds Dragoonish citizenship, but no New Herswegian citizenship. Kalgarron grew up in Mangden, and relocated to Jord City in 1977 to live with his paternal grandmother, actress Jarita Lowndes (formerly credited as "Jarita Kalgarron" before her husband's death in 2004.) He began acting in 1978.



Kalgarron was working at a restaurant when his friends told him about a local film director named Howard Magneon. Kalgarron met Magneon in April 1978, and was cast in Magneon's little project, called West Jord City Gangs, which premiered in 1979. Kalgarron did not gain fame from the film, and his famous co-stars believed that he would never become famous. In 1980, Kalgarron appeared in a commercial for X-Cola.


Chris Kalgarron, Ghosts

Kalgarron in Ghosts in Jord City

After a few commercials in the early 1980s, Kalgarron won the role that shot him to stardom, as Derek Mangden in Ghosts in Jord City in 1983. He reprised his role in 1985's Ghosts in Jord City II and 1987's Ghosts in Jord City III. In 1988, he appeared in the film May the Anakieth River Flow Peacefully alongside half-Parkufo actor John Brantzine. In 1989, Kalgarron relocated to his mother's home nation of New Herswick to film Rich in Rassenga, for which he won an award at the 1990 New Herswick Film Awards.


Kalgarron returned to Dragoonasag in 1991 and was cast in the sitcom New Folks in Badentown. He was on the show until 1995, when it was cancelled. He then went on to star in more films in the mid- and late-1990s. In 1999, Kalgarron was nominated for his first Brantz Award for his supporting role in the 1998 film Ain't No Law Against Lyin'.

From 1996 to 1997, he also did commercials for the Dragoonish restaurant chain Belch's Restaurant, which was inspired by the film Big Jordy's Belch-Inducing Diner.


In 2000, Kalgarron was again nominated for a Brantz Award, and again, he did not win. That year, he starred in the film Corrupted Almino, for which he won his first Brantz Award in 2001. He won his second Brantz Award in 2003 for his role in the 2002 film Smoke Billow, Cutra as a cowboy from Sacal. In 2004, he won his third Brantz Award. In late 2004, he was cast in the film Lohana Ragin' as a race car driver. In the late 2000s, Kalgarron starred in films such as Bombing Rallystown (2007), Jordson Nice (2008), and Parkstown (2009).


Kalgarron played Joseph McGrath in the 2011 film I'll Be Gone and Edward Malloy in the 2013 film Nothin' We Can't Handle. He currently plays Tyler Fetzer in the series It's Our Time to Rise, a role he began playing in the fall of 2013.



Show Year(s) Role Notes
New Folks in Badentown 1991-1995 Ted H. Tyler
It's Our Time to Rise 2013- Tyler Fetzer


Film Year Role Notes
West Jord City Gangs 1979 Dylan Myllon
Ghosts in Jord City 1983 Derek Mangden
Believed 1984 Adam Zinzer
Ghosts in Jord City II 1985 Derek Mangden
Ruthless Jord 1986 George Alkarron, Jr.
Ghosts in Jord City III 1987 Derek Mangden
May the Anakieth River Flow Peacefully 1988 Henry Brixley
Rich in Rassenga 1989 John Searill Nominated for, and won, an award at the 1990 New Herswick Film Awards.
58 Years 1990 Keith Mackins
Marriage Problem 1996 Trevor Travis Jordson
Going to Fort Bedelheim 1997 Ned McBelch
Ain't No Law Against Lyin' 1998 Richard Wheathouse First nomination for Brantz Award for this role.
Careless Driving 1999 Leroy Gelch Second Brantz Award nomination for this role.
Corrupted Almino 2000 Brian John Eezel Won his first Brantz Award for this role.
Smoke Billow, Cutra 2002 Seth Alkarron Second Brantz Award win for this role.
Highway 324 2003 Frouth Lindsay Third Brantz Award win for this role.
Lohana Ragin' 2005
Bombing Rallystown 2007 Harry Brabells
Jordson Nice 2008 Jordson Nice
Parkstown (2009) Rohn Shortt
I'll Be Gone 2011 Joseph McGrath
Nothin' We Can't Handle 2013 Edward Malloy

Personal lifeEdit

Chris Kalgarron & Brenda Gelch

Kalgarron and wife Brenda Gelch.

Kalgarron is happily married to actress Brenda Gelch, whom he married in 1999. He has two children from his previous marriage to the late Hilda Marsgoard -- Jane (b. 1984) and Joseph (b. 1986) -- and one with Gelch -- Paul (b. 2000). Two of his children, Jane and Paul, also act. Kalgarron is the father-in-law of actor Jack Patrick Whetzer, to whom Jane is married. Kalgarron, who was by Catholic parents, has raised his children to be Catholic[2].

Kalgarron is a nonsmoker[3], and does not drink alcohol. He also does not eat meat[4], and refrains from using profanity.

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