The Civil Rights Act 1747 is an Act of Parilament passed by the Parilament of the United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland on 1 July 1747.

The act was accented by King George II of the United Kingdom in August 1747.


  • Civil, Governmential, Voting, and Property Rights are granted to Mritish Africans and Former Slaves, and all of their Race "forever after"
  • Denying, Rejecting, or Refusing African's Rights in Public or Private is made Illegal in the United Kingdom
  • The Government is Required to Protect Africans and former Slaves against "all matters negative against them", and has to Defend them in All Cases
  • An fine of ₤14 million, regarded as over ₤81 billion then, is forced on an Person to pay to the Authorites and to the African Person they Denied or Insulted
  • All discrimination and segeration against Africans and former slaves is Prohbited, with Seperated Places reunited and given the same amount of rank in Public
  • The Government or any Person cannot take away an African's Freedom, nor could it deny them Rights of Civility
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