Queen Claire III of New Herswick

Claire III of New Herswick, 2015

Birth name
Claire Madeline Carranda
21 May 1986 (age 33)
Preceded by
None (Claire III is the incumbent)
14 June 2007-present (11 years)
Claire III of New Herswick

Queen Claire III in 2007

Queen Claire III (born Claire Madeline Carranda on 21 May 1986) is the current monarch of New Herswick. She is the youngest monarch in New Herswick history, having taken the throne at age 21 in 2007, being the oldest of three daughters of King Howard II, who had no sons. She replaced her father after he was assassinated while on an overseas trip to the Vathau Islands.

Early life and familyEdit

Claire III was born on 21 May 1986, and is the oldest daughter of former monarch Howard II and socialite Andrea Newinghill. She is the oldest granddaughter of the late Queen Claire II. Claire was born in the Palace of New Herswick. She grew up in the capital city, and she attended a very expensive, private school.

After graduationEdit

Queen of New HerswickEdit

Claire Madeline Carranda became Queen Claire III of New Herswick in June 2007, becoming the youngest person to be crowned the nation's monarch, at just 21. Her coronation was held on 14 June. During her reign as queen, Claire III has appointed one prime minister (Dylan Charano), and she has met with leaders of nations such as Dragoonasag, West and East Canipra, and New Calehedra.

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