Clear Lake is a town in Lexynton County, Lohana. As of 2008, the town's population is about 3,607. Clear Lake is known as the "Postcard Town" because, from 1976 to 1998, the mayor sent postcards to the town's residents on holidays.


Planning for Clear Lake began in the 1870s, when city planner Seth Brimmer was asked to plan a new community in Lexynton County. Using Brimmer's plan, in 1883, the process of building the town began. After completion in the late 1880s, the town was named Southstown. As Southstown, the town received a Post Office in 1888. In 1889, the town was renamed Clear Lake, upon the suggestion of a town government official who believed the nearby Andrews River looked like a large, clear lake from certain angles. In 1893, the then-young town experienced a severe storm that caused some minor flooding; the storm was part of the Cutra and Carlana Territory Storm Outbreak of 1893-1894. By 1895, whatever buildings were damaged were repaired. In 1898, Clear Lake experienced a minor earthquake, which caused no damage.