Cloksburgh Clock Tower

The Clock Tower on Cloksburgh Square

Cloksburgh (first syllable pronounced cloak, not clock[1]) is a city located in Mercitilli County, in Salviana's "Clok Country" region. As of 2008, the city's population was 10,106. The city is home to the famous Cloksburgh Clock Tower, which was erected on Cloksburgh Square in 1968, as well as the annual Cloksburgh Music Festival, which has taken place the second Saturday in August since 1954.


Cloksburgh was founded around 1821 and named for a group of settlers known as "Cloks" (to this day, some of their descendants live in the area). Early Cloksburgh was a small farming community, and the town only had dirt roads for some time. The first paved road in Cloksburgh was paved in the 1950s. That road later became part of National Route 333.

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