Colbertson, Carlana

Colbertson (Carlana) welcome sign

April 14, 1823
Joshua Thomas Guarr

Colbertson (population 5,357) is the county seat of Farland County, Carlana, Dragoonasag. It is also the county's largest city. It was founded in 1823, and was named for a businessman named Frederick Colbertson (1862-1944). Former names for the city were Alver, Richley, and Dust Hill.


Colbertson was founded in April of 1823 as Alver. Since its founding, the town's name has changed three times. It changed to "Richley" in 1828, to "Dusty Hill" in 1832, and finally to "Colbertson" in 1889. The city received its first Post Office in 1825.

In 1856, Colbertson became the center of a scandal when two men employed at a store on Sussex Avenue were accused of stealing money from the store. The thefts went on until December 1, 1857, when both men were arrested. Five decades later, in 1907, reports were uncovered revealing that the mayor at that time, Stuart Undegraaf (term 1852-1863 and life span 1803-1880) was also involved in the theft scandal.

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