The Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser is the primary weapon of the Orange Star. It has enough power to create and destroy entire suns, planets, and moons, and to destroy entire ships of any size.


The superlaser is composed of several exotic matter beams accelerated and amplified by gigantic focusing magnetic lenses and coils, producing a single powerful beam, generating more energy then a trillion main-sequence stars. Unlike turbolasers, it pulls energy from a Hypermatter Core, converting the energy present in hyperspace into highly unstable particles that are tremendously destructive in Normal-space. The energy delivered into a target is so great that it can cause the target's atoms to split into matter-antimatter pairs and annihilate themselves, generating a powerful surge capable of rupturing the barrier between Normal-space and hyperspace.

As any powered weapon, it drains the amount of energy required to use, resulting in different energy outputs. The following are what happens at every different power output:

5%: This level is powerful enough to destroy a ship's bridge and vaporize the interior. At a planet, it is powerful enough to exterminate half a continent (thus 5% of the Superlaser's total power equals the entire fire-power of the Enterprise-D). It can completely eradicate a moon and cause unstable activity in suns.

10%: This would be sufficient enough to destroy capital ships, add toxin-like elements to a planet's atmosphere (and completely exterminate a continent), and cause small-scale eruptions on suns.

30%: This is powerful enough to destroy the life on the planet. A second 30% shot can vaporize the atmosphere. The third can destabilize the core and burn the surface. A fourth can destory the planet. On a sun, two shots can expand it into a dying red star.

100%: This shot can destory a sun on one shot, as well a planet. In such cases, the amount of energy involved are so great it would generate minuscule space-time singularities, sending part of the target's mass to hyperspace and generating a massive shock-wave from high-energy tachyons from hyperspace.

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