The Consitutional Court of the Youngian Kingdom is the most powerful court in the Kingdom of Youngia. It handles civil, criminal, and adminstrative cases.


Judges are appointed by the Prime Minister of Youngia and apporved by the Monarch of Youngia. According to the Youngian Constitution, judges must be thirty five years old, have legal 17 year long education, and 10 years of service. The Chief Judge of Youngia is appointed by the prime minister with the queen's apporval and inaguration.

The Consitutional Court consists of the Criminal Board, the Civil Board, and the Adminstrative Board. The Court must have sessions every month. The sessions must be attended by all Judges and the Proscuetor of Youngia.


The Consitutional Court interpets laws in proper sessions. The Court also handles cases on the final level and solves government disputes. The Court can declare laws unconsitutional and govern civil and criminal Youngian cases. The Court also issues resolutions and supervises and reviews lower courts, and can reverse lower descisions.

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