A Contiential Supervision Board is a board assigned to a contient as the Imperial Constitution designates.

Leadership and Organization[edit | edit source]

Each board is led by an Contiential President, appointed and dismissed by the emperor at will. The President has four Vice Presidents, thirteen sectaries (one each from thirteen departments of administration), and fourteen deputy advisors. The Emperor also appoints and dismisses the Vice Presidents, and thus the President appoints and dismisses the sectaries and deputy advisors.

The Presidents, as leader of each Board, run the Board's Administration and they may issue executive regulations and proclamations over their Boards. Presidents may appoint their own Advisory Board to advise them on Board affairs. When Presidents are absent, the highest deputy Vice President and if he is gone, the other Vice Presidents, or if they are gone, the secetaries, adminster the Board. Vice Presidents chair meetings and maintain legislative order.

Powers and Duties[edit | edit source]

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