Corrupted oddies are when an oddy is hurt by one of the prank's experiments. Corrupted oddies hate all creatures, and would love to see Slugrum burnt to the ground.

The Stages Edit

The stages of corruption are these following: (WARNING! You may not like what happens to these oddies, so, if you're squeamish, do not read the following)

Stage 1: The oddie starts to grow agitated and it;s color slowly darkens. Stage 2: The oddie is slowly growing pointed feet and it's eyes are slowly going red. Stage 3: The oddie has two stubs in it's back and it's feet are now completely pointed. Stage 4: The oddie has two long sticks with little points coming out of it. The color should be very dark. Stage 5: The oddie is now black, It has red eyes, It has two devil wings, and it has an evil smile.

Powers Edit

Corrupted oddies, unlike normal oddies, all have the same power. They have dark power, which can be used in many different ways like dark tendrils, dark blasts, dark shields, night demon summoning, and so on. The first to ever get corrupted was blorn blastmall.

Ways to avoid Edit

The funny part is, it seems to only happen to children. So adult oddies are home free. There is but one way to avoid getting corrupted: dont go to prank industries. Yep. That's all.

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