Planet Earth was changing into a strange planet for scary creatures from the Demon Empire, an organization created to rule the world. Fortunately, a 15-year old high school student named Nathan Legend discovers the Energy Gauntlets in a tunnel after his visor that was given to him from his father after some bullies threw them in there. The Energy Gauntlets are one of the Legendary Items that gives Nathan the ability to fire energy blasts and makes him a threat to the Demon Empire and a hero for the peace.

Characters Edit

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Main charactersEdit

Nathan Legend: Main character of the story, whose only known living relatives are his older sister, Rachel Legend and his older brother, Andrew Legend. He fights by using martial arts and his Energy Gauntlets (a legendary item capable of firing energy blasts). He hopes to find out what really happened to his father.

Winona Dove: Once an enemy named Aviva, but realized she was brainwashed and was a childhood friend of Nathan. She has wings on her back giving her the ability of aerial combat. She hopes to recover all of her lost memories.

Luke Dekker: a boy genius with the ability to turn playful toys into deadly weapons.

Serena Thorne: a rich girl with the ability to summon creatures from pictures that she draws.

Dimitri Stone: turned into a zombie-like creature from the Demon Empire and had his friend Bruno taken from him. He hopes to find out what happened to Bruno.

Wolfe Savage: a werewolf chimera wanting to get back at the Demon Empire for threatening his village.

Mark Dolan: best friends with Nathan until he was kidnapped by the Demon Empire and experimented to gain the ability of controlling speed of people and objects.

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