Goddess, personifies as Cheetah
Nature, Balance, Lightning, Lava, Life, Land, Mammals, Health, Manipulation, Apathy
Goddess Trinity
Lord Nurothath
Alternate Forms
(Undecided at this time)
The Sins,
The Virtues

Cybalee is one of the Goddess Trinity and her primary domain is Balance. She represents the middle ground in many of the conflicting domains of her sisters. She, along with her sisters, govern over the worlds of Dessend and Nurothath, along with others.


Cybalee is very clam and easygoing. She spends a lot of time away from the cities, find more joy in the natural elements of their worlds. Despite being a goddess, she can come off as naive and dimwitted. She does this because those qualities come easy to her and help the mortals relax in her presence.

Role as GoddessEdit

Cybalee's role as the Goddess of Balance is to keep the world from collapsing under extreme conditions of things such as Order and Chaos. She does this by employing her agents to tip the scales in favor of the losing side. When she is not opposing her sisters, she works with them to create using their elemental powers. Her role in the creation of land is to provide the raw lava. Her role in the weather is to provide the element of lightning. Finally, her role in the creation of living creatures is to give them form via manipulation of raw life energy.

Role in WorldsEdit

When she is not fulfilling her duties as Goddess of Balance, she often spends her time in the worlds as a judge. She enjoys the direct control this gives her over the lives of the accused. She also spends time with the Ruler of Nurothath acting as an adviser to, and sometimes substitute for him. She does not do this for the rulers of any of the other worlds she governs, for some reason only known to her.

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