Dallasfield, Salviana

Dallasfield Main Street

February 2, 1821 (195 years ago)
11,564 (in 2015)
Jason DuJaehr
For the prison, see Dallasfield State Correctional Facility.

Dallasfield is a city located in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. It is part of the Winston metropolitan area, and is known for being home to the Dallasfield State Correctional Facility.

In 2015, the population of Dallasfield was 11,564.


Dallasfield State Correctional Facility

The Dallasfield State Correctional Facility

Dallasfield was founded in February 1821 and named "Dallas's Field" after explorer Jordson Dallas. It was incorporated in 1831 as "Dallasfield". The Dallasfield State Correctional Facility was constructed in the 1850s on property located at 6676 Jordson Dallas Road. Toward the end of the nineteenth century (around 1897), Dallasfield was re-classified as a city. On March 12, 1892, a storm passed through the then-town and damaged businesses on the west side of town. No deaths were reported. During the 1980s, Dallasfield underwent a "revitalization project" that saw a "beautification" of the downtown area and the installation of new street lights, as well as banners advertising what the city had to offer.


Dallasfield's schools are part of the Dallasfield School System. The city is also home to Euligert College, which opened its doors in 1898.


The city of Dallasfield is served by Dragoonasag Interstate Route 292, and is located near Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 and National Route 333/future DI-67.