Dallasfield State Correctional Facility

Dallasfield State Correctional Facility

The Dallasfield State Correctional Facility, formerly called the Salviana State Correctional Facility at Dallasfield, is a correctional facility located at 6676 Jordson Dallas Road in Dallasfield, Salviana. The facility, like Mylo's Kilburton Correctional Facility, was built to hold criminals who have been found guilty of very serious crimes.


The prison was built on property that was owned by landowner Michael Eezel. In the 1850s, Eezel sold his property to the state, and the state of Salviana decided to use the property to build a prison. Construction of the prison began in November 1855 and was completed by May 1856. Over the years, additions were made to the facility, and more security measures were added. In 1999, an electric fence was put up around the prison grounds after the prison staff had trouble keeping inmates on prison property.

The prison has had three names. It was called the Jordson Dallas Correctional Facility from 1856 to 1914, the Salviana State Correctional Facility at Dallasfield from 1914 to 2012, and is now called by its current name.