Darktriax, the Shadow Sorcerer Prince

Lardon Amolex a.k.a. Darktriax

Info Edit

Real Name: Lardon Amolex

Status: Villain

Occupation: Prince of the Ancient Order of Shadow Spellcasters; super villain

Powers/Abilities: Super stregnth; super speed; flight; duplication; teleportation; near invulnerability and durability; telekinesis; shadow sorcery and powers, including these: Shadow force fields, shadow energy blasts, shadow traveling ability, shadow-like illusions, shadow manipulation, darkness manipulation, can control any darkness from any area, can control shadows from any being in order to use them as destructive tools of chaos, shadow creation summoning, shadow energy generation, and turning into shadow-like forms.

--Tyroguun 15:26, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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