Darren Trymphell


Birth name
Darren Wilson Trymphell II
April 29, 1979 (age 40)
Years active
Celiana Wurnbelt (2007-present)

Darren Wilson Trymphell II, better known as Darren Trymphell (born April 29, 1979) is an actor known for his role as Charles Geltara in the TV series XA-79. He has been acting in front of the cameras since 1992, having been in more than forty commercials and having had guest appearances on TV shows.

Early lifeEdit

Trymphell was born on April 29, 1979, to Elizabeth Howell-Trymphell and Darren Trymphell I. At the age of three, he almost lost his father, who was involved in an automobile wreck and survived with bruises and cuts[1]. He was raised by parents who believed in strict discipline, and was punished severely for any wrongdoing he committed as a child[2]. Trymphell told his uncle about his parents' strict discipline, and his uncle believed they were being too tough, and Trymphell's parents ended up going to court. In 1989, the Trymphells appeared in court, where a judge ordered that Darren live with his aunt and uncle.


Trymphell first appeared in front of the cameras in February 1992, at age 12, when he appeared in a commercial for Jayheu Colas alongside Our War recurring actor Chris Walter Mallington. He went on to star in forty more commercials, including commercials for fast food, pancakes, cookies, and computers.

From 1996 to 1997, Trymphell made four appearances on the TV series The Impossies. In 1999, he had a supporting role in the film Degoshia Road.

In the 2000s, Trymphell made guest appearances in sitcoms such as Hangin' Out with Petey in 2004, The Jordsons in 2005, and 4 Good Reasons in 2007. In 2008, he became a cast member in the TV series XA-79 as Charles Geltara. Trymphell will have a minor role in the upcoming film Highway to Spickle III: Quest to Be Famous.

Personal lifeEdit

Trymphell married Celiana Wurnbelt in 2007. They currently have no children.

Trymphell does not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol.


In 2009, a rumor was spread about Trymphell having been arrested for speeding. Trymphell, who "always obeys traffic laws"[3], told interviewers that the rumor was "completely false. I would never speed. Traffic laws are in place for safety reasons"[4].


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