Darth Sektor is a clone of Jedi Knight Andrew DeSoto.


Andrew set up a plan to ambush the sith hideout. He told his fellow jedi so they wouldn't be alarmed by thinking he betrayed them. He went to the sith hideout, approached Darth Sidious, kneeled before him and told him "I pledge myself to your teachings". Sidious accepted his offer, and said "Henceforth, you will be known as Darth Sektor". Later, he wanted to make Sidious get softer, and told him he would destroy the jedi, himself. After the plan worked, the jedi came out of hide, and when Andrew signaled them they ambushed the lair of the sith. During the battle, Andrew faced off with Sidious, and he took a sample of Andrew's DNA in case he lost. When the jedi realized that they had beaten up the sith enough for one attack, they left them alone. When the coast was clear, Sidious use the DNA sample from Andrew to clone him, and make Darth Sektor a reality. Ever since then, Andrew and his team have sometimes run into missions involving either defeating, stopping or catching Darth Sektor.


Darth Sektor is so evil, he is sometimes considered "more horrible than Darth Sidious".

Power and SkillsEdit

He is so powerful he can take on an entire army of superior trained clones all alone. He can even easilly kill three oversized rancors without even being grabbed. He is so skilled with a lightsaber, he can defeat his opponent with a half-sized blade, even if they have two double-bladed lightsabers.

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