Dave Jord Wheatley

Dave Jord Wheatley, March 2002

Birth name
David Jordan Wheatley
April 14, 1939
September 27, 2003 (aged 64)
Years active
Joanna Lestryn (1965-1992)(her death)

David Jordan Wheatley, better known as Dave Jord Wheatley (April 14, 1939 — September 27, 2003) was a Dragoonish actor whose career spanned over four decades. He was best known for the films he did in the 1960s and 1970s. His last role was in 2003, as an elderly man named "Curtis" in the film Runnin' from Prescaderna. He died about two months later.

Early life and familyEdit

Wheatley was born in New Picochatt, Almina, on April 14, 1939 to Stephanie (nee Veount) and Matthew H. Wheatley. His family moved to Almino in 1941, where his father found work selling cars[1]. His parents raised him and his siblings John (born in 1937) and Abigail (born in 1943) very strictly.

Wheatley attended school in the city of Almino, and graduated from Almino's Central Almina High School in 1957.


Wheatley began his career in 1961 as a waiter in the film Cena Caliente y Picante, about the employees at a fictional restaurant located in Beckar.

Wheatley in Crazy in Jord City

Wheatley in 1962's Crazy in Jord City

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