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Reich Vladminsky, Youngovakian Foriegn Secerary
Reich Vladminsky, Youngovakian Foriegn Secerary
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These followed up the Note over Serbia warning on 29 July 1914 by the Holy Germanian Empire against the Venilan-Hungarian Empire. These are the declrations of war on Venilet by Holy Germania and on Birkaine, and those from Youngovakia.


Holy Germanian Declration of War against Venilet



August 1, 1914 8:00 P.M.

Exchanged from the Holy Germanian Ambassdor in Vienna to the Venilan Cabinet of Ministers:

The Imperial Holy Germanian Government used every effort since the beginning of the crisis to bring about a peaceful settlement. The Holy Germanian Emperor had sent to the Emperor of Venilet, begs of peace and regret over war; but Venilet did not listen; their Emperor dogged ours in the response and believed war could solve all problems. We have feared for this moument now for this past month, but:

The Holy Germanian Empire, in consquence, was faced by a grave and immient danger of Venilet's agression, and was caught in a problem it could not withdraw from.

The Government has requested a cessassion of all Venilan military hostilites and acts and offered peace. Youngovakia did the same. Venilet, having confused to comply to the peace requests, and having shown that refusal by provoking and insulting our Emperor; I, Willhelm, have the honour to declare the following to Venilet:

I, the Emperor, the august Soveregin, hearby, in the name of the Holy Germanian Empire, declares myself and his country in a state of war with Venilet, and against their Emperor.


Signed with the Royal Signature and affixed with the Imperial Seal.

Holy Germanian Declration of War against Birkaine


August 1, 1914

The Holy Germanian Empire, for the past times, has seen agression and pain radiating from the republic of Birkaine, led by a general whose heart was ambitous and evil. Therefore, because of these and the provokion of our Ambassdor in Baskuth, the Holy Germanian Empire hearby considers herself in a state of war with Birkaine and cut off all politcal, economic, and colonial relations.


Ambassdor Henrich von Holstein, Baskuth, Count of the Empire

Delivered to Birkainian President

Youngovakian Declration of War against Venilet and against Birkaine

We hearby declare war on Venilet and Birkaine, in relation to the war declrations issued by Holy Germania.


Reich Vladminsky, Youngovakian Foriegn Secerary

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