Demecres is very faraway from earth, but shares some similarities. The planet has six continents, not including the poles. The liquid that every animal needs to survive is called lusa. It is a pink nectar that has more vitamins and gives more energy to the drinker. Like ours, this planet has different geological features like plains, hills, mountains, and most of the other features from our planet. There are many creatures on Demecres, but some are like our own. Take the Red Brick Brock Devil, It looks like a combination of a fly, a scorpion, and a human. The plants have an entire system underground. When One plant catches prey, they send it into the purifying section of the system. First, It injects a quick killing non toxic (to them) poison into the prey, then, when the prey is dead, they dissolve it into nutrients, and feed it to themselves.

Continents Edit

Demecres has six continents, Lusitania, Voifa, Leapordus, Helios, Eonsia, and Free Country USA. Each one has Different geological features in different places. The Bugs are everywhere, but are mostly concentrated on Lusitania. The plants are everywhere too, but are concentrated on Helios. The mammals are everywhere, no question about it.

Web of Life Edit

On this planet, the web of life is very complicated. For example, the pluto preystalker eats the nashu bird. the nashu bird eats the Red Brick Brock Devil. The Red Brick Brock Devil eats the speed angler etc. etc. etc. With It Being So complicated, any thing could tip off the balance.

Animals Edit

Here is a list of a few of the animals that live on this planet:

The Red Brick Brock Devil

The Nashu Bird

The Common Slurper

The Plasmacost

The Pluto Preystalker

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