Denview North, Lohana 001

Charles Avenue in Denview North

Denview North is a city located in Malliwarner County, Lohana. Its population in 2015 was 9,975.

Denview North is considered to be a "military community" due to being located just outside of Fort Arcussin.


Denview North was founded in 1846 as "Plarkey Springs", after Battle of Authonome soldier Jeremiah Plarkey. It was incorporated as a town twenty years later in 1866. During the late-1860s and early-1870s, the townspeople were requesting a name change for the town, and, in 1874, the town was finally renamed as "Denview North", after Battle of Authonome soldier James Denview (the reason allegedly being that Plarkey was actually a "coward" who "gave away secrets" to the enemy, while Denview was a decorated hero and a good friend of highly respected war hero Fatjohn Dollouve). In 1889, Denview North experienced a population increase as more people settled there. The town was upgraded to a city in 1904, after meeting the criteria for being a city in the Cutra Territory at the time (at least 2,020 people; the town had 2,034).

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