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Denzin is a town in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. The town was incorporated in 1862 and named for Longstown-born businessman Paul Denzin[1]. Denzin is located in Vorgett County, and is the birthplace of Persiana head football coach John Guy Brantz and actor Joag Hunter.


Denzin was founded in 1841 by Paul Denzin's brother, James and two friends at the location of an old village[2]. In 1855, Denzin experienced some flooding when torrential rains dumped lots of rain in the area. The town recovered in 1856. Denzin was incorporated as a town in 1862, and had a population of 257 people. In 1867, Denzin College was founded. The college lasted until 1956.

In 1874, a crime boss named Jord Platz began a looting spree with his gang, the Denzin Gang. On May 13, 1874, the mayor of Denzin arrested Platz and threw him in jail, and his gang was forced out of town.

On May 28, 1976, Farvin Oil Corporation founder Michael Farvin was born in Denzin.

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