Destiny Zero is a Sci-fi book series by Jack Pickles. It follows the adventures of Jack, a boy with strange powers, and his attempt to save the world whenever aliens/ancient Deities attack. However, he and his friends are all teenagers, and this leads to many misadventures.

Saviours (2007-2008) Edit

Saviours is the First book of the series. At the moment, it is currently being rewritten, and is due to be completed by April, 2008. It has been written for Lindsey Jones.

Plotline Edit

It first starts in another dimension, known as Void 7, where two human bounty hunters return to their earth after 1000 years of searching. During their search, its revealed that a group of Androids have made the humans here extinct. After a brief fight, Hiro disables the android commander, and he and Henra escape.

In Jack's dimension, a meteor-type ship breaches the Atmosphere. He gets attacked by Hiro, but Henra instantly recognises Jack's inner powers. The next day, the 3 go to Brooksbank, and 3 of Jack's friends from around Britain are also present.

To be Continued...

Characters Edit


Jack : Unofficial leader of Destiny X. His laidback nature and flambuoyant personality often gets in the way in a serious fight. His Specialist power is Pyrokinesis.

Hiro : A cyborg from Void 7, he has quite an interset in weapons. Often cruel, he sees most humans as weak and inferior. He has no powers, but a huge arsenal of weapons located in the cybertetic parts of his body.

Henra : Henra, also known as The Aim, is Hiro's partner. A weapons expert, he has an eye sharper than a Hawks. He is lazier than Jack, but more serious. His power is Enhanced Aim/balance.

Enemies Edit

Alpha-Zero : Once called Zeto, AZ is a powerful cyber-lord. His battles are legendary, and no human (Except Hiro and Henra) has ever got close to destroying him.

Hiro, in their 3rd meeting in Saviours, manages to disable huis right side after being attacked by the A-series. In his last moments, Hiro drops a bomb. As they escape, it detonates, supposedly killing Alpha-Zero. It is unknown if he'll return...

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