Dina Caliente
Created by: Official Dina Caliente
Age: 27
Death Date: October 3rd 2008

Dina Caliente is the lead female character in the movie The Outbreak In Pleasantview, she is based on popular sims 2 character of the same name.

Before the OutbreakEdit

Dina Caliente worked as an office clerk. She would go to work every morning and return home at 3pm. Dina lives with her sister, Nina Caliente, in a small white house in Pleasantview.

Outbreak IncidentEdit

On October 2nd 2008, a deadly virus broke out turning some of the Pleasantview residents into zombies. Dina's sister, Nina, told Dina about this, during the outbreak, Dina fell asleep and the world outside turned into utter chaos. Dina's lover Don broke into her home and told her about how serious the virus had got.


Dina and Don took refuge in the Goth household, where Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander where staying. They remained in the house until the zombies broke in, eventually killing Mortimer. Dina and the others stayed upstairs, they where later joined by Brandi Broke, who revealed that they are all part of a multi-million pound game called The Sims. The player had aparantly put a virus on the game, which caused the infection to kill the sims. The survivor's decided to head to Brandi's home to recieve shelter from the undead, they lose Cassandra along the way. Whislt there, Dina begins to become very depressed because she believes there is no point in living. Brandi heads to look for a car, and Dina and Don are left alone. The pair re-visit the past and talk about their relationship.


Dina and Don give into temptations

The pair end up in bed and whilst they are together, a zombified Dustin kills his younger brother Beau.



A zombified Nina attacks defensless Dina

Dina and Don discover that Beau has been eaten by a now zombie Dustin, due to the attention with the house, the armies of undead begin to gather on the outside of the house. Don and Dina agree to make a run for it, Don gets attacked and is nearly eaten as the zombies break into the house. Dina fights her way through the hordes and manages to get out. As she awaits for Don, a zombified Nina Caliente is outside the house, due to Dina's low in defenses, zombified Nina takes Dina into the zombie horde, where she is devoured.


Dina may be dead, but her legacy lives on in different elements of the second movie. The main character is Stella Roth, who can be seen as quite similar to Dina. The producer commented saying "I suppose Stella is what we could've done with Dina".